How Does Counselling Work?

Whatever your reason for visiting this page you probably have some questions about how counselling might help you, which I have addressed here.

If you have any further questions or would like to talk to me about coming for therapy then please feel free to contact me below. I would love to hear from you.

What problems do you work with?

I work with individual adults and couples who are want to feel better and move forward in their lives.

I regularly work with all kinds of issues including anxiety, depression, eating issues, trauma, post-natal depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks and bereavement. I also work with people who just don’t feel things are right in their life and can’t see their way forward.

What is the first session like?

First sessions can be daunting and so it is a usual to want to know what it will be like.  We will meet, sit down and talk about what is happening for you. You don’t need to bring anything but you, after all you are the expert on yourself. We will discuss the best way forward based on what feels right to you. Also, I will explain in more depth how confidentiality and our relationship will work.

How does Counselling and psychotherapy work?

We all live our lives to the best of our ability but we can get stuck, feeling a particular way or doing things we don’t want to do. Therapy works by working together with your therapist to explore your thoughts, feelings and actions so that you can understand what is happening at a deeper level. The aim of therapy to help you reach a clearer understanding of yourself so that you are free to move towards who you want to be.

I see you are trained in hypnotherapy. Will you use this?

Using hypnotherapy or guided visualisations (which counsellors use too) can be a useful way to add to the process if it is helpful and something you want to do.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This is an impossible question to answer. The number of sessions required depend on what it is that you want to resolve. Usually, we begin working and keep reviewing our progress as we go. However, sometimes there are financial constraints which limit the number of sessions so we then work in the best way we can with the time available.

I am interested in therapy. What is my first step?

I know it can be tough to make the first step to seeing a therapist. If you are interested then please feel free to contact me, where I am more than happy to answer any questions. If I am with a client I will always get back to you.

After that, we can arrange a free phone consultation so that we can discuss what you would like to get from therapy. It also allows you to get a feel for me and for us to decide whether my approach is right for you.

How long are the sessions and how much will they cost?

The sessions are approximately one hour long and are £40 per session


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